I’ll admit, I didn’t buy a Kindle until sometime last year. And I’m a fan. But my first eReader was a Barnes & Noble Nook. I still have it, although these days I have to pry it out of one of the older kids’ hands if I want to use it!



I’ve gotten several requests from readers to release Daughter of Oreveille beyond Amazon, so today I’m making Daughter available in ePub format, just for you!

It will go live on the Barnes & Noble and Kobo websites early next week, but I wanted to give you a chance to grab it just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend – and at a discount that’s only available here in my very own indie bookstore. Click the images above to check it out!

And while you’re there, don’t forget to grab your copy of Lady of Gaia – a FREE Oreveille novella!




There’s a new novella in the Oreveille Cycle. It’s sitting right here on my hard drive. If you’ve already subscribed to my newsletter, check your email to see the gorgeous cover and a little bit about why I had to stop and write this story, in the middle of editing Defender of Oreveille.

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Exciting news – Daughter of Oreveille has been nominated for the Best Indie Novel Award for 2014! The winner will be chosen by you, the readers, so please take a moment and vote:


If Daughter wins, I’ll run a $0.99 sale – because I can 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m completely overwhelmed at the response to last week’s Goodreads giveaway – 850 of you entered to win a signed copy of Daughter of Oreveille, and over half added the book to your To-Read shelf!

Daughter of Oreveille ready to ship

Congratulations to Moriah and Heather – your books are signed and ready to ship. 🙂

If the Goodreads Fairy didn’t pull your name out of the hat, the book is always available on Amazon, and I’ll have more signed copies available later this month. I’m also working on some exciting new stuff for 2014, including Book 2, Defender of Oreveille.

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Have a great 2014!


Several weeks ago, I received an invitation to join the Alexandria Publishing Group – a collective of independent writers who hold themselves to professional standards in craft, editing, and promotion. I am truly honored to be counted among these talented and dedicated authors!

Every year the Alexandria Publishing Group produces a winter anthology containing stories from member writers. Unfortunately, I joined too late to submit this time, but I can’t wait to read it!

The Alexandria Publishing Group 2013 Winter Anthology contains 7 short stories:

Alexandria Publishing Group Winter Anthology 2013


  • By Valerie Douglas – A Home for the Holidays – Family isn’t always the one you were born to…
  • By D Kai Wilson-Viola – Low winter, Blood Moon – Merridian’s last night in Edinburgh is meant to be a time to grieve…but when she finds herself running for her life in Holyrood park, a null magic area, all she knows is she’s being chased by a big, angry werewolf…
  • By Denise McGee – Full Moon Christmas – When a reclusive werewolf finds a lost child too close to the full moon, he must fight the change or live with the knowledge that he killed an innocent.
  • By Mary-Ann Peden-Covellio Cynophobia – One very small dog and two not-so-angelic girls give Santa Claus a Christmas he’d rather forget.
  • By Paul Kater – Our Ghostly Winter – A young boy learns that there is more between earth and heaven, and that it can take the shape of a snowman.
  • By Terry Simpson – The Gifts – 12 Gifts will change a young boy’s life forever.
  • By D Kai Wilson-Viola – Silent Fright – Jess knows that the boys are planning a big surprise and to go along with that, Jess decorates…but the lights attract more than just other survivors and for the first time in months, the walls are overrun with zombies.


The Alexandria Publishing Group 2013 Winter Anthology is now available on Amazon (US) and (UK)


It’s the middle of November – already! Time to start thinking about holiday gifts. I’ve teamed up with my blogging friend Dragyn to bring you the #DearSantaLoveDragyn Holiday Giveaway and Gift Guide!


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Clean Authors

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? I’ve joined up with a great group of authors to

offer you free and $0.99 books TODAY, Friday, September 13, 2013, only.

What do we mean by “Clean” authors? We’re defining “Clean” as no explicit sex, minimal violence, and no swearing. For me, this really speaks to one of the reasons I wrote Daughter of Oreveille in the first place. I’ve loved the fantasy genre since I was a teenager, but I was really more interested in the relationships between the characters than in a graphic description of exactly what a broadsword would do to a man’s head. Unfortunately, I ended up skipping whole chapters in some books because I just didn’t need those images. I get it – a medieval battle is a messy affair. I don’t need to smell the drying blood.

So – if you’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of Daughter of Oreveille, or you’re just looking for something good to read this weekend, head over to the Clean Authors website to browse around and find your next favorite author!


Daughter of Oreveille


How much will Brianna be forced to sacrifice to protect the life – and the man – she has chosen? She has never been afraid to break the rules, but when she rejects yet another fine young man from a powerful House, she risks more than disapproval: since her father’s death in the jotnar wars, the House of Oreveille has been without a Defender. Her mother’s second husband has neglected his duties, and allowed the estate to fall into decay. Rumors are flying that Oreveille, which has stood on the border between Gaia and the Faeland for thousands of years, may soon fall. Brianna does not intend to repeat her mother’s mistakes, but to save Oreveille she must weigh the fate of her people, and the safety of the Faeland, against the desires of her heart.

Brianna is young, rebellious, and spoiled. But when she is forced to choose between a life of power and luxury, and one of her own design, she doesn’t hesitate.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Daughter of Oreveille! Leave a comment here, or a review on Amazon. And now that this book is finished, I have a lot more time to  hang out on Goodreads and chat with readers there too.



Daughter of Oreveille is the first in a 3-book series that will take you from the Faelands to colonial sugar plantations of the Caribbean. It will be publicly available on Amazon later this summer, but you can get special early access, plus notifications of Kindle free days and other special promotions by signing up for my newsletter in the sidebar. Don’t worry – I don’t have time to spam you. I’m too busy writing!

Ok, now for the fun stuff!

Thanks to the wonderfully talented Karri Klawiter, Daughter of Oreveille has a beautiful new cover!

Daughter of Oreveille

And finally, a sneak peek into Daughter of Oreveille:

* * * * *

Gabriel stared at Cordov. “You expect us to kill an innocent girl?”

Cordov shrugged. “Sometimes an innocent must die to save the world. It is the way of things.”

Brianna held her head high. “How do we know her?”

“Brianna!” Gabriel said her name in shock. “You can’t be serious.”

“I would survive the change. I have several centuries to live. You do not. Cordov was not describing my death. He was describing yours. He was telling me that what I would have to stand by, helplessly, and watch.” Brianna’s eyes were wet with tears. “We will make the girl’s death quick and painless. I will give her a sleeping potion, she will simply slide into a beautiful dream and follow it peacefully into the mists.”

Gabriel let go of Brianna’s hands. “No. We will not do this. We’ve left our home before; we can do it again. Perhaps we can go back to the Faelands before the cycle changes.”

Cordov nodded in agreement. “You could, certainly. I would be happy to escort you myself. The Council of Matriarchs has offered a generous reward to anyone who delivers the man who kidnapped the lovely Brianna D’Oreveille. I would most interested in seeing you hang for your crimes. The Sword of Oreveille will be mine.”

Brianna stood before Gabriel, silently watching as he struggled with the reality of the situation.

Cordov smiled. “I will leave you to discuss. You will find Catherine Miller in the village of Ansolm. In or near the church, unless I miss my guess.” He bowed to Brianna, who nodded out of long ingrained habit.

Brianna did not notice as Cordov left the cottage. Her attention was on Gabriel. Cordov had laid out their options with brutal honesty. They could not remain once magic left Gaeland, or Gabriel would die. They could not flee back to the Faelands, or his life was forfeit thanks to her rash decision that night so many years ago.

“We have no choice, can you not see that?” Desperation made Brianna’s voice shrill.

“What about the dark age?” Gabriel reminded her.

“What dark age?” Brianna asked. “Life is good, there is enough magic to sustain us, but not enough to frighten the humans. There is no dark age coming.”

“Da told me once, if the cycles do not turn when they’re meant to, a dark age descends. Wars, famine, drought, and disease all converge.” Gabriel explained.

“I doubt that one couple meeting – or not – is enough to throw the world into war and famine and disease.” Brianna pointed out.

“Those are the legends.” Gabriel insisted.

“They are just legends.” Brianna countered. “In the morning, I am going to Ansolm to find this Catherine Miller.” She stood taller, reminding Gabriel – and herself – that she was, in fact, a woman of the Fae and accustomed to doing as she wished.

“Do not harm the girl.” Gabriel commanded.

Brianna raised her eyebrows in surprise. Even in Gaeland, Gabriel did not often presume to tell her what to do.

“I will do what I must.” She countered.

* * * * *

By now, hopefully you’ve had a chance to peek into Daughter of Oreveille. You haven’t seen it yet? Go check it out. I’ll wait here.

. . .

I’ve been going through the story, editing, polishing, and generally being perfectionistic for the last couple of weeks. I know, at some point, you just have to call it done and hit the publish button. But I would rather hold off a few more weeks and know that this book is as good as I can possibly make it, than push it out quickly and hear from readers that you were disappointed. That the story *could* have been great if . . .

I do want to let you know about two exciting things that came up last week:

First, I’m releasing a podcast. It should be fun – I’ve got several guests lined up who will share stories of the paranormal, the weird, and things that make you wonder.

Second, Daughter of Oreveille is going to come out in paperback as well as eBook format. I had originally planned to go all digital, but was recently persuaded that the art of the paper book was not yet dead, and that certain readers would be sorely disappointed if they could not have a real book made of real paper. You want it, you’ll get it.

I will also have a limited quantity of books available for signing, which you can order right here on my website. If you’d like a signed copy of Daughter of Oreveille, please leave a quick comment below so I can get an idea of how many copies to have on hand.


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