By now, hopefully you’ve had a chance to peek into Daughter of Oreveille. You haven’t seen it yet? Go check it out. I’ll wait here.

. . .

I’ve been going through the story, editing, polishing, and generally being perfectionistic for the last couple of weeks. I know, at some point, you just have to call it done and hit the publish button. But I would rather hold off a few more weeks and know that this book is as good as I can possibly make it, than push it out quickly and hear from readers that you were disappointed. That the story *could* have been great if . . .

I do want to let you know about two exciting things that came up last week:

First, I’m releasing a podcast. It should be fun – I’ve got several guests lined up who will share stories of the paranormal, the weird, and things that make you wonder.

Second, Daughter of Oreveille is going to come out in paperback as well as eBook format. I had originally planned to go all digital, but was recently persuaded that the art of the paper book was not yet dead, and that certain readers would be sorely disappointed if they could not have a real book made of real paper. You want it, you’ll get it.

I will also have a limited quantity of books available for signing, which you can order right here on my website. If you’d like a signed copy of Daughter of Oreveille, please leave a quick comment below so I can get an idea of how many copies to have on hand.


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