Brianna, Fae daughter of the House of Oreveille channeled her faerie magic through her pendant, the fabled Jewel of Oreveille. Now the Jewel is missing, hidden in the misty borderlands between the worlds of the Fae and Humans. The only clues to its location are shimmering words in a dusty manuscript and the map included in its pages.


To celebrate the release of her debut romantic fantasy, Daughter of Oreveille, author Tricia Ballad is hosting a treasure hunt — the Search for the Jewel of Oreveille! Follow the trail through the mists of Faeland to uncover and decode the clues that lead to the fabled Jewel for your chance to win the giveaway: a signed copy of the novel and a beautiful geniune silver and moonstone replica of Brianna’s necklace.

Click this link to download special sample chapters of Daughter of Oreveille. Inside you’ll find the words that lead to a hidden page here on my website; but be warned… this quest is not as simple as it first appears. You must venture through the mists of the Faeland, visiting the six magical locations on the map located within to discover the clues that help you unscramble the magic phrase.

Are you the cunning adventurer who will discover the clues, uncover the magical phrase, and recover the lost Jewel of Oreveille?


As you seek the Lost Jewel, you will visit 6 locations. Each holds a clue to the thing you seek:

A Fanciful Twist

Echoed Whisperings


Indigo Seeds

Disney with Babies

The Dreamer’s Emporium

When you have deciphered the clues, use the mystic phrase to gain entry to a hidden location at

Official rules here.