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13th Jul 2012


Exciting News!!

First off, let me apologize if you’ve been waiting to find out what happens with Sporia, Renee, and her...

+Behind the Page

11th Jul 2012


Just Let Me Finish This Chapter

I’ve been saying “just let me finish this chapter” since I was a kid. This morning, I’m saying it...

+Writing Tips

09th Jul 2012


Writers Are Jerks

Writers are sociopaths, you know that? (Or is it psychopaths? I can never keep those two straight.) We create...

+Short Stories

06th Jul 2012


Fighting For Her Freedom

Renee forced herself to walk slowly, calmly, up the beach to the village. Her mother, Sporia, stood transfixed and...

+Short Stories

29th Jun 2012


Falling Sand

Sporia held up a single fistful of hot sand and laughed. Her hands, like the rest of her body,...