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Smart OR Pretty, Part 2

Disclaimer: My mother would not approve of the language (or the abundance of snark) to follow. Sometimes you have...


12th Jun 2014


Ditching High School Limitations

Somewhere along the line, I learned certain facts about the universe: I am probably not psychic (even though that...


23rd Jul 2013


Gatekeepers of Geekdom

The other day, I read a really interesting article: The Ragamuffin Speaks: Cosplayers: Surprisingly Not Toys. The entire article...


19th Jul 2013


Weekends are not for working

I’ve been watching Drunk History on Comedy Central. The basic premise of the show is that they take a...

It’s the Mr. Collins!

I know I’ve been quiet, and have sadly neglected my flash fiction story over the past couple of weeks....

I Don’t Do Drama Anymore

I distinctly remember one summer afternoon when I was about 15, wandering around a video rental store (remember those?)...