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06th Jul 2016


Daily Painting Challenge

It’s gotten a bit dusty and cobwebby around here! Confession Time I have a confession to make: I’ve been...

Smart OR Pretty, Part 2

Disclaimer: My mother would not approve of the language (or the abundance of snark) to follow. Sometimes you have...

+Short Stories

13th Jun 2014


Flash Fiction: Come Dance in My Flames

I wrote this story for the Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge. The goal was to write 1000 words on...


12th Jun 2014


Ditching High School Limitations

Somewhere along the line, I learned certain facts about the universe: I am probably not psychic (even though that...


23rd May 2014


Daughter of Oreveille now available for Nook, Kobo, & other eReaders!

I’ll admit, I didn’t buy a Kindle until sometime last year. And I’m a fan. But my first eReader...

+Behind the Page

05th May 2014


Lady of Gaia Cover Reveal

I admit, I’m completely fan-girling over this cover reveal! Karri Klawiter (who also designed the covers for Daughter of...


01st May 2014


Did you get the email?

  There’s a new novella in the Oreveille Cycle. It’s sitting right here on my hard drive. If you’ve...


25th Feb 2014


Best Indie Novel of 2014 – Daughter of Oreveille Nominated!

  Exciting news – Daughter of Oreveille has been nominated for the Best Indie Novel Award for 2014! The...


02nd Jan 2014


Congratulations to Giveaway Winners!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m completely overwhelmed at the response to last week’s Goodreads giveaway – 850 of you...


18th Nov 2013


Search for the Lost Jewel of Oreveille

Brianna, Fae daughter of the House of Oreveille channeled her faerie magic through her pendant, the fabled Jewel of...