Last week, I wrote about my latest insanity…er…project: The Yardless Yard Haunt. The madness has officially begun! Sure, on the outside, the house still looks like a boring suburban townhouse, but in my office….well, you can see the carnage for yourself:

Yard Haunt Attack of the Styrofoam

Attack of the Styrofoam!

That was my office! For the weekend, I had an extra table set up so I could create full-sized templates while my assistant cut the styrofoam. So far, the gravestones aren’t looking too bad!

Yardless Yard Haunt gravestones

Gravestones, ready for engraving.

This weekend, I’ll do the detail work and carve out the engravings. Which means I’d better get to work composing epitaphs! These will be how I’ll do my foreshadowing so guests will get a hint of what’s to come in the story.