When I tell people I’m a writer, I get the feeling that half of them have a really romanticized idea of what I do, and the other half don’t actually believe I do anything. So what’s a writer to do? Blog about it, of course!

So what do I do, exactly? Here is a typical work day:

4:45 am – The blasted alarm goes off. I hit the snooze button.

4:50 am – I stumble out of bed. My hero brings coffee, which he has made because he gets up earlier than I do. Apparently, some men don’t actually need sleep. I don’t get it, but he makes the coffee, so I don’t ask too many questions! (I drink a lot of coffee. It makes 5am am bearable.)

5:00 am – Sit down at my desk, take that first sip of coffee and spend a few moments in prayer.

5:10 am – Check email and Facebook. Check my to do list to see what’s on the docket today. (Hang around here long enough and you’ll hear a lot about my to do lists. I’m kind of an organizational junkie.)

5:30 am – Pound the keyboard. I don’t have a lot of writing time, so I have to make the hours I do have count.

6:45 am – Transition from wildly creative writer to wildly creative mom and teacher. Make a few notes about what I want to work on later.

7:00 am – Ideas are percolating while I do other stuff, like breakfast and homeschool. I’ll make notes throughout the day, but won’t get time to work on them until tomorrow morning. I keep reminding myself to be patient!

So there you go – the play by play of a writer’s day (at least the writerly portion!). What have you always wondered about those mysterious creatures who call themselves writers?

P.S – Come back next week, when I’ll share my top 10 essential writing tools.