This week’s installment in the modern fairy tale The King is Called Home gives Megan a hint that there is more to her betrothed than meets the eye. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

The King is Called Home – Part 3

As Brian and Megan hurried across the parking lot toward the waiting airport shuttle, Megan glanced back. The nondescript grey sedan sped out of the parking lot, followed by a dirty white SUV. She looked at Brian. He had noticed MacDuff’s uncharacteristic exit as well. As they approached the shuttle, Brian looked closely at another passenger waiting to get on. He put an arm around Megan’s back and gently guided her back toward the parking lot.


“It’s going to be a long flight – let’s stretch our legs while we can.” He spoke casually, but the pressure of his hand on Megan’s back told her he wasn’t making suggestions. Megan nodded and followed him across the parking lot toward the terminal building.


Brian barely spoke as they checked in with the airline and made their way through the terminal, and Megan simply tried to keep up with him. This was a side to Brian she had never seen. She knew him as a 19-year-old boy, charming and sophisticated and ambitious. Today, his light brown eyes took in every detail and he seemed to accept the fact that they were running for their lives with a level of calm detachment she didn’t think she could muster.


At the security checkpoint, Megan noticed the three men in black suits waiting while tourists and business travelers went through the metal detectors. She squeezed Brian’s hand and nodded toward them.


“I see them. They’re Americans.” Brian assured her quietly. He didn’t seem surprised at all when the security officer looked at his ticket closely, then asked him to step aside for an additional security check.


“Just routine, Sir. We pull passengers at random.” The security officer explained. Brian nodded as one of the three suited men approached.


“Mr. Hennessey, if you would step this way, please.” The man gestured toward the small security office nearby.


“Of course. Just let my wife collect her bag.” Brian answered.


Megan picked up her purse from the conveyor belt, carefully hiding her face. His wife? The lie sounded so natural, as though he used that phrase a hundred times a week. She took a deep breath and smiled as she took his arm.


The man in the black suit looked at Megan. “Right this way.” He and the other two men led the way to the security office.


As soon as they were inside the tiny security office, their escort closed the door and turned to face Brian.


“We were not informed that you would be bringing a companion, Sir.”


“MacDuff had not considered Lady Boderlund’s strategic importance. Her presence in Corlaund would most certainly affect the outcome of events.” Brian informed him.


The man’s face tensed, but he gave no other reaction to Brian’s abrupt change in plans. “Very well. Davis and Miller will join you on the plane in plain clothes.” He nodded toward the other two officers. “If all goes well, they will shadow you to your new apartment in Chicago. I have had people watching the place for the last several weeks, and it’s been quiet. You should be quite safe there for the time being.”


Brian nodded. “Thank you. There are at least two people in the airport this morning who are associates of Lady Cathleen Faneeren. We saw them at the shuttle just after we arrived.” Brian gave them a detailed description of the two people waiting to get on the shuttle.


The three American officials nodded. “We will let airport security know, and will make sure they are not on the plane.”


“Thank you. I, and Corlaund, appreciate your efforts.” He shook the official’s hand and guided Megan out of the office and down the long corridor toward the boarding terminal. She walked beside him, surprised at the ease with which he had led their meeting with the American officials.


They boarded the plane with no further incidents. Megan could feel Brian relax as the wheels left the runway.


“Let’s go home.” He squeezed her hand and grinned.


Megan laughed. “Yes. We need to talk…”


Brian relaxed as the plane left the ground.

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