You always know a writer when you see one – they’re the quiet ones, antisocial, sitting in a corner, watching . . .

I realized this morning that I haven’t posted much here since the Hydra Publications blog hop last month. Bad blogger – no cookie! But you know how it is with those writer types . . . when they’re quiet, you know they’re up to something. So I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks:

  • The first module in my series for Hydra Games is getting ready for its big play test debut on Saturday! Which reminds me, I still need to write up that NPC . . .
  • Outlining the next two modules in the series.
  • Preliminary outlining for a novel set in the Andronia world of Hydra Games.
  • Character sketches are finished for my modern fairy tale novel. You’ve already met two of them! I’m finishing up the magic system and starting on refining the plot next week. This thing is getting interesting – and a little dark.

Unfortunately, time is running short – as always! Stay tuned . . . I’m posting another short flash fiction installment tomorrow. A little fun to get the weekend started 🙂