Years ago, I started reading Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design on the recommendation of lifestyle blogger and dear friend Shauntelle Hamlett. At the time, I was stuck and more than a little confused about what direction to take, so it seemed like a worthwhile book to work through. I got about 1/3 of the way into it and wandered off when something shiny caught my eye.

This week, I picked it back up. So much is changing right now that I needed to come back and check in with my essential self. I’m quietly ramping down my home business to make more time (and space) for writing, I’m working on my first role playing game module for Hydra Games, and gearing up to start homeschool in about 10 days. One of the questions hit me like a ton of verbal bricks:

If you could do anything, and know you would be successful, that all your material needs would be met, what would it be?

That’s an easy one – I’d write novels. Stories of ordinary heros and women with just as much strength and brains as beauty. Hold on a minute! I’m actually doing my dream job! How many people get to say that? And for all my insecurities over the years, all my practicality and stubbornness and nonsense, all it took was that one question: “What is your dream job?” With the implied “and what is keeping you from doing it?”

Not a blasted thing, thank you very much.

What’s your dream job – and what’s holding you back?

(Disclaimer: the link to Style Statement is an Amazon affiliate link. A small percentage of your purchase goes directly to my coffee fund.)