I have known Amelia Smith for a few years now. We bump into each other in the same writerly circles now and then, so when she posted that her Regency Romance, Scandal’s Heiress, was finally available on Amazon, I picked up a copy. What can I say, I like a good Regency now and then!

Scandals Heiress by Amelia Smith


This is the story of┬áMiss Hyacinth Grey, a young girl who has grown up managing her father’s household on Gibraltar. When circumstances send her to live in England, she discovers a world she is not wholly prepared for and not entirely certain she wants any part of.


Miss Hyacinth Grey is a girl with both a spine and a brain. She’s not going to let anyone, from her father to her socialite aunt, tell her what to do. I love that about her! She sees through the veneer of polite society to the practical realities.

Thomas Pently/Smithson has been hiding out in the East India Company for much of his adult life, but when responsibilities call him back to England, he must reconcile who is is with the man he wants to be.

Overall Impression

I really enjoyed Scandal’s Heiress. Hyacinth showed an intriguing balance of vulnerability and wisdom, and I liked her determination to keep her goals firmly in mind, despite pressure to become another fashionable twit. This is a book that has earned a permanent place on my Kindle, and one that I’ll re-read.

More Info

Scandal’s Heiress is currently available on Amazon.

Find out more about Amelia Smith on her website at www.AmeliaSmith.net.

Have you read Scandal’s Heiress? What did you think?