This week, I’m hosting several guest authors from Hydra Publications.

Today’s guest is Tony Acree, author of the upcoming novel The Hand of God, coming out in the Spring of 2013. Today, Tony agreed to share that all-important moment when he knew he would be a writer:

When I Knew I Wanted to Be a Writer

Tony Acree

Tony Acree

I can remember when it happened. The exact moment when I knew I wanted to be a writer. I was sitting in Mrs. Ricket’s sixth grade class and just finished reading a collection of poems by Robert Frost. I showed the book to a friend of mine named Brad. A few minutes later, he gave me the book back, along with a poem he had written for a girl we both liked. Not to be out done by my rival, I remember thinking, “I can write one better than Brad can.”

And in short order I wrote my first creative words which were non-school related. The poem started:

The thing that makes me happy and gay
Is a walk through the woods at the dawn of the day
I can smell the flowers and set under a tree
And listen to the birds and watch the bees

Needless to say, Robert Frost was not in danger of having any major competition where poetry is concerned (and the girl was not impressed with either Brad or my poetry). Thankfully ignorance is bliss and I continued to write poetry throughout middle and high school. I even had friends pay me to write poetry for their girlfriend or boyfriend (evidently my poetry improved by leaps and bounds). By my junior year, my poetry appeared in our school and county newspapers.

Yet when I left school behind, it seems I left the poetry there as well. Everything I tried to write afterwards came out as prose. My first short story, Leaves of Departure, appeared in Kentucky Monthly Magazine.

My first novel, The Hand of God, will be released by Hydra Publications in the spring of 2013.

I have many people to thank for my career as a writer. But let me start by saying thank you to Robert and Brad, and the girl who became my first muse–even if she didn’t like my first effort at writing.

Tony, thanks for sharing that moment with us!

You can find out more about Tony Acree on his website at or read his blog, Crasher’s Corner, at Tony’s first short story, Leaves of Departure, is available as a free download on Smashwords.