It’s being one of those weeks when you just want to go back to sleep. Maybe because I’ve been having a bout of insomnia. One sleepless night and my brain forgets how to go to sleep! And then I wonder why I can’t concentrate on anything…but at least I found some wonderful little fantasy art and clothing boutiques!

Daughter of Oreveille is coming along. The six or seven new chapters I’m adding to the middle should be done by tomorrow, then I’m putting the book away until next week to let it (and my sleep-deprived brain) rest before the final editing and polishing begins. In the meantime, yesterday’s procrastination wasn’t all a waste. I did find much coolness:

Fairies and Fantasy: Magical Artwork and Gifts – so much pretty to be had! And I need a new iPhone case. Choosing just one could be a major project though…check out the site. I’m not posting pictures due to copyright, so you’re going to have to actually click over.

Diagon Alley – I was a bit bummed out that you can’t actually wander into the shops, but still…the Google Maps Street View of Diagon Alley is very cool.  I tried checking out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, but all you can see are trees.

Holy Clothing – My new favorite boutique. Lots of flowey skirts and gypsy-inspired dresses. I love it when I can get clothing I actually like rather than whatever some corporate buyer decided the masses shall wear this season. Again, no photos so as not to violate copyright. But trust me, very pretty stuff!

Ok, so now it’s your turn. What’s the best little boutique on the net?