Daughter of Oreveille


How much will Brianna be forced to sacrifice to protect the life – and the man – she has chosen? She has never been afraid to break the rules, but when she rejects yet another fine young man from a powerful House, she risks more than disapproval: since her father’s death in the jotnar wars, the House of Oreveille has been without a Defender. Her mother’s second husband has neglected his duties, and allowed the estate to fall into decay. Rumors are flying that Oreveille, which has stood on the border between Gaia and the Faeland for thousands of years, may soon fall. Brianna does not intend to repeat her mother’s mistakes, but to save Oreveille she must weigh the fate of her people, and the safety of the Faeland, against the desires of her heart.

Brianna is young, rebellious, and spoiled. But when she is forced to choose between a life of power and luxury, and one of her own design, she doesn’t hesitate.

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