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Ok, now for the fun stuff!

Thanks to the wonderfully talented Karri Klawiter, Daughter of Oreveille has a beautiful new cover!

Daughter of Oreveille

And finally, a sneak peek into Daughter of Oreveille:

* * * * *

Gabriel stared at Cordov. “You expect us to kill an innocent girl?”

Cordov shrugged. “Sometimes an innocent must die to save the world. It is the way of things.”

Brianna held her head high. “How do we know her?”

“Brianna!” Gabriel said her name in shock. “You can’t be serious.”

“I would survive the change. I have several centuries to live. You do not. Cordov was not describing my death. He was describing yours. He was telling me that what I would have to stand by, helplessly, and watch.” Brianna’s eyes were wet with tears. “We will make the girl’s death quick and painless. I will give her a sleeping potion, she will simply slide into a beautiful dream and follow it peacefully into the mists.”

Gabriel let go of Brianna’s hands. “No. We will not do this. We’ve left our home before; we can do it again. Perhaps we can go back to the Faelands before the cycle changes.”

Cordov nodded in agreement. “You could, certainly. I would be happy to escort you myself. The Council of Matriarchs has offered a generous reward to anyone who delivers the man who kidnapped the lovely Brianna D’Oreveille. I would most interested in seeing you hang for your crimes. The Sword of Oreveille will be mine.”

Brianna stood before Gabriel, silently watching as he struggled with the reality of the situation.

Cordov smiled. “I will leave you to discuss. You will find Catherine Miller in the village of Ansolm. In or near the church, unless I miss my guess.” He bowed to Brianna, who nodded out of long ingrained habit.

Brianna did not notice as Cordov left the cottage. Her attention was on Gabriel. Cordov had laid out their options with brutal honesty. They could not remain once magic left Gaeland, or Gabriel would die. They could not flee back to the Faelands, or his life was forfeit thanks to her rash decision that night so many years ago.

“We have no choice, can you not see that?” Desperation made Brianna’s voice shrill.

“What about the dark age?” Gabriel reminded her.

“What dark age?” Brianna asked. “Life is good, there is enough magic to sustain us, but not enough to frighten the humans. There is no dark age coming.”

“Da told me once, if the cycles do not turn when they’re meant to, a dark age descends. Wars, famine, drought, and disease all converge.” Gabriel explained.

“I doubt that one couple meeting – or not – is enough to throw the world into war and famine and disease.” Brianna pointed out.

“Those are the legends.” Gabriel insisted.

“They are just legends.” Brianna countered. “In the morning, I am going to Ansolm to find this Catherine Miller.” She stood taller, reminding Gabriel – and herself – that she was, in fact, a woman of the Fae and accustomed to doing as she wished.

“Do not harm the girl.” Gabriel commanded.

Brianna raised her eyebrows in surprise. Even in Gaeland, Gabriel did not often presume to tell her what to do.

“I will do what I must.” She countered.

* * * * *