It’s gotten a bit dusty and cobwebby around here! Confession Time I have a confession to make: I’ve been hanging out with my old nemesis, Burnout, for way too long. I won’t go into the gory details, but I went for too many months not writing or doing anything particularly creative. I was in survival mode. But that’s not why […]

Disclaimer: My mother would not approve of the language (or the abundance of snark) to follow. Sometimes you have to use very small words to get your point across.   Still here? Cool. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a manifesto on breaking out of that Smart-OR-Pretty-OR-Strong box women find themselves shoved into in […]

I admit, I’m completely fan-girling over this cover reveal! Karri Klawiter (who also designed the covers for Daughter of Oreveille and Defender of Oreveille) has a selection of pre-made covers available, and I’ve had my eye on this one for almost a year. I don’t know if it was sitting there in my subconscious when […]

  There’s a new novella in the Oreveille Cycle. It’s sitting right here on my hard drive. If you’ve already subscribed to my newsletter, check your email to see the gorgeous cover and a little bit about why I had to stop and write this story, in the middle of editing Defender of Oreveille. If you’re […]

  Exciting news – Daughter of Oreveille has been nominated for the Best Indie Novel Award for 2014! The winner will be chosen by you, the readers, so please take a moment and vote: If Daughter wins, I’ll run a $0.99 sale – because I can 🙂

Happy New Year everyone! I’m completely overwhelmed at the response to last week’s Goodreads giveaway – 850 of you entered to win a signed copy of Daughter of Oreveille, and over half added the book to your To-Read shelf! Congratulations to Moriah and Heather – your books are signed and ready to ship. 🙂 If […]

Several weeks ago, I received an invitation to join the Alexandria Publishing Group – a collective of independent writers who hold themselves to professional standards in craft, editing, and promotion. I am truly honored to be counted among these talented and dedicated authors! Every year the Alexandria Publishing Group produces a winter anthology containing stories […]